Surrounded by picturesque waterways, Snohomish County is a paddler’s dream. Paddling allows a unique perspective with breathtaking views, wildlife viewing, and exploration that can only be experienced from the water. Whether you prefer the adventure of sea kayaking or paddling through serene lakes and rivers, there is a perfect paddling experience for you in Snohomish County.

Places to Paddle in Snohomish County
Easy rental options are available at several locations throughout Snohomish County. Photo credit: Julia Fiene Bowman

The Allure of Paddling

Kayaking and stand-up paddleboarding (SUP) increased in popularity in recent years due to accessibility, healthy lifestyle, and minimal environmental impacts. With easily transportable and low-cost vessels, paddlers simply choose a shallow embankment to access the water nearly anywhere. Paddling offers a full-body, low-impact workout in a picturesque setting. While SUPs require a bit of balance, the core workout is worth the effort.

Snohomish classes at Hydrology Stand Up Paddle on Silver Lake or Lake Stevens will get beginners on the water in no time. Kayaking provides a more enclosed experience and keeps the paddler drier and feeling more in control of their vessel, perfect for cooler weather. Paddlers of all ages can enjoy a workout in a beautiful setting with relatively no impact on the environment. Skip the gym fees and enjoy fun exercise on gorgeous Snohomish waterways.

Places to Paddle in Snohomish County
Row your way along the Snohomish River. Classes are available through the Everett Rowing Association. Photo credit: Julia Fiene Bowman

Perfect Places to Paddle Puget Sound

Paddlers appreciate easy access to Puget Sound with unparalleled views at Marina Beach Park in Edmonds or Port of Everett. Make sure to use an appropriate seaworthy vessel due to tidal currents and potential waves. If you do not own such a boat or are unsure of the safety standard of your watercraft, easy rental options at Kayak Share are available. Available kayaks and lifejackets are housed directly on the beach and can easily be accessed with a pin number provided online.

Pick a route that matches your ability level and check the weather forecast before deciding on this more adventurous option. Enjoy rewarding mountain views and, if you are lucky, sightings of sea lions, seals, or maybe even an orca while paddling the Pacific.

Places to Paddle in Snohomish County
The calm waters of Snohomish County’s many lakes make paddling a perfect activity for all ages. Photo credit: Julia Fiene Bowman

Snohomish Lakes for Paddling

Relax into lake life with the perfect paddle on one of Snohomish County’s numerous lakes. Ideal for paddlers of any age and ability level, paddlers can escape from the hustle and bustle of daily life. Multiple access points onto the lake make paddling an easy activity for those seeking a relaxing workout. Hourly rentals on Silver Lake at Thorton A Sullivan Park in Everett and Lundeen Park on Lake Stevens are available through Hydrology Stand Up Paddle.

Beginners can enjoy a class to get them started, and more experienced paddlers can hone their skills with fun lessons such as SUP Fit Class, Hustle and Flow, and even a SUP Yoga Class offered through Hydrology Stand Up Paddle. For a more urban paddling experience, try paddling charming Lake Ballinger, situated only 13 miles from Seattle in Mountlake Terrace. Rentals are available at Kayak Share.

Places to Paddle in Snohomish County
Experience the adventure of sea kayaking at Marina Beach Park or the Port of Everett. Rental options are available onsite. Photo credit: Julia Fiene Bowman

Paddle the Snohomish River

Meandering down the Snohomish River, paddlers can marvel at the large variety of aquatic life. The Snohomish River is also a treasure for birding enthusiasts, with many opportunities to gaze at waterfowl from a unique perspective. The Snohomish River can be accessed at one of the many local parks along the river, such as Lowell Riverfront Park in Everett.

Keep in mind that river currents can be strong, so plan accordingly, as return time can take longer. For those seeking a more strenuous workout, classes and competitions for all ages are offered at the Everett Rowing Association. Row your way down the Snohomish and learn a sport with new friends in a scenic environment.

Places to Paddle in Snohomish County
With the right gear and clothing, paddling is a fun activity that can be enjoyed all year. Photo credit: Julia Fiene Bowman

Paddling Pro Tips

Before setting out on your paddling adventure, ensure you have a well-fitted life jacket. All rental options include lifejackets in a variety of sizes. Remember that water, especially in Puget Sound, can be unpredictable. Check the weather forecast before heading out, and stick to routes that match your skill level. Consider carrying a whistle if navigating more challenging waterways in an emergency. Bringing a buddy will not only be more fun but will also be safer than a solo adventure, especially in unfamiliar waters.

Protect your body from the sun or the cold by wearing weather-appropriate clothing. Sun protection, including a hat, sunglasses and sunscreen in the warmer months, will keep you safe from the intense sun rays off the water.

If paddling in the cooler months, wear a wetsuit if paddleboarding. Warm clothing and a waterproof kayak blanket will keep you warm, dry and cozy for a fall or winter kayak paddle. As with any active sport, bring plenty of water to keep you energized and hydrated for your water adventure.

Paddling in Snohomish County offers visitors and locals alike an opportunity to view scenic landscapes that can only be viewed from the water. Whether choosing a sea kayak adventure, spending a relaxing day at the lake, or meandering through the Snohomish River, paddlers enjoy a low-impact, stress-free workout in beautiful Snohomish County. Grab a paddle and a buddy, and enjoy a watery adventure this season.

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