That mesmerizing giant blue and green marble we call Earth has made its way around the sun to greet yet another beautiful spring solstice. Once again, April showers will soon bring May flowers as we patiently await the season’s blooming, transforming Snohomish County into a floral wonderland. Already, the region is budding in anticipation at the blossoming possibilities, and flourishing right along with the season is a plethora of local flower farms in Snohomish County that will soon be bursting with color and waiting to be explored, promising to unfold the beauty of the region right before our very eyes.

Snohomish County Flower Farms
Muddy Hill Flower Farm is home to a variety of colorful plants, but they’re most famous for their dahlia tuber sales. Photo courtesy: Muddy Hill Flower Farm

Muddy Hill Flower Farm

6105 Foster Slough Road, Snohomish

Decorating the Snohomish community with locally grown cut flowers from their three-acre farm is Muddy Hill Flower Farm. Here, flowers begin their journey as tubers, bulbs, and seeds grown without herbicides and pesticides, just as nature intended. In addition, the flower beds are amended with local organic steer manure and compost before planting, and from there, blooms are harvested daily to provide customers with the freshest flowers possible.

Owner and farmer Erin’s passion for flowers took full bloom in 2020 during the COVID-19 pandemic as she spent time at home on maternity leave and bored out of her mind like many of us. She found herself working in the yard to pass the time, and after a summer of gardening, needless to say, she was hooked and ready to grow more! From there, she made it her mission to cultivate a field full of flowers that she could harvest, create beautiful bouquets and share them with the world in an effort to spread joy and kindness throughout. Thus, Muddy Hill Flower Farm was born and has been blooming ever since.

Snohomish County Flower Farms
Each year, hundreds of blooms decorate the Lowlands Farm in a breathtaking display that highlights the bounty of the season. Photo courtesy: Lowlands Farm

Lowlands Farm

10890 Elliott Road, Snohomish

Prioritizing both quality and community is the small, charming flower and produce farm Lowland Farms. They use organic and sustainable farming practices to care for the land and resources, ensuring that only the highest quality products reach their customers. These sustainable farming techniques include utilizing integrated pest management, organic soil amendments, cover crops, crop rotation plans, efficient water usage, and lean farm management principles.

Along with growing the cream of the crop, the community is another key component that sits at the very heart of Lowland Farms. In a time when human interaction with food is becoming more convenient and less personal, they have a vision to create a thriving, active community around their farm, one in which they connect people with people, with nourishing food, and with the patterns of the changing seasons as they strive to transform the way the Snohomish community cooks and eats at home.

Snohomish County Flower Farms
Immerse yourself in a burst of vibrant colors at the Antique Rose Farm nursery in Snohomish and pick the perfect blooms to take home to your own garden. Photo courtesy: Antique Rose Farm

Antique Rose Farm

12220 Springhetti Road, Snohomish

Family-owned and operated, Antique Rose Farm started as a love for growing roses 30 years ago on an old dairy farm in the heart of the Snohomish Valley. The nursery began as a way for owners Don and Jackie to share their passion with others through the Antique Rose Farm’s development.

Today, their son Jeff and his wife Debbie carry on this family business, with the nursery having expanded beyond the rose to also include hundreds of varieties of roses, hydrangeas, shrubs, trees, perennials, and hanging baskets. In addition, they have also added garden art and other goods that are kept freshly stocked in their revamped sales area. They’re already open for the season, and as an ever-expanding flowery oasis, they invite you to stop by, as you never know what new things you may find out at the rose farm!

Snohomish County Flower Farms
A plethora of dazzling bouquet options can be found at Little Jack Flower Farm. Photo courtesy: Little Jack Flower Farm

Little Jack Flower Farm

20012 87th Avenue SE, Snohomish

Offering the Snohomish community beautiful blooms that are grown locally and organically with love is the Little Jack Flower Farm. The small-scale farm in the Maltby community of Snohomish is run by Caity and her family, who, after ten years of working as an analyst and then product manager, decided she didn’t want to return to the corporate world after having their son in the summer of 2020.

Having inherited her mother’s green thumb and a desire to make an impact on the local community and people’s lives, she focused on her passion for growing and offering beauty to the world in the bountiful blooms that now decorate the family farm. These days, Little Jack Flower Farm provides a plethora of floral services to local bloomophiles, including buckets of blooms for DIY and a la carte bouquet options, workshops and pick events, a flower shop, merch, wholesale orders, and much more!

Snohomish County Flower Farms
Need a bouquet for a special event? Reach out to Shine Flower Farm and let them help you create your next centerpiece turned masterpiece. Photo courtesy: Shine Flower Farm

Shine Flower Farm

29810 Fern Bluff Road

Located in Monroe, Shine Flower Farm began transforming into a blossoming family farm in 2018 as an auntie and niece run team. From there, things really grew, and in 2020, they were already buying a new farm in Sultan, with more family coming in to help run their home-grown botanical paradise, with a hope of both locations bringing the community as much joy as it does them. With this expansion, they hope to add more services, flowers, and fun.

They already offer a variety of workshops and classes, with the added option of booking a private event with those in need of something a little more specific. In addition, they’re happy to offer their expert floral designs in the form of elaborate arrangements that are perfect for all sorts of celebrations. More than anything, however, they want to create a place for folks to get outside and enjoy the beloved Snohomish Valley, so swing by and enjoy the great outdoors at the fabulous Shine Flower Farm!

And so, with the coming of the spring solstice, once again, the Snohomish County community greets the changes of the season with open arms, welcoming the sunnier, longer days, warmer weather, and the renewal of life that can be witnessed at any of these beautiful and blossoming local flower farms.

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