The Pacific Northwest is home to some of the most breathtaking views, creating the perfect environment for fine local art inspired by this scenic backdrop. Discover the Arts of Snohomish, tucked away in the quaint historic district, highlighting some of the best local artists through displays of creative works of art. Get inspired and view magnificent pieces from photography to hand-blown glass. Walk around the gallery and shop for your next unique gift or take home the perfect greeting card. Inspired artists even have the opportunity to showcase their work by becoming a member. Step out and explore impressive work from artists both near and far, with exciting special events and local musicians providing a world-class experience for everyone’s delight.

Arts of Snohomish
View vibrant mosaic pieces from local artist Bonnie Galvin. Photo courtesy: Arts of Snohomish

Located in the historic Marks Building on First Street downtown, the Arts of Snohomish offers a fantastic opportunity to view the work of diversely talented artists, changing by the season. “Explore a diverse array of paintings, photography, pastels, drawings, mixed media artworks, jewelry, accessories, prints, greeting cards, and other unique handcrafted gifts.” There is something for everyone to see and appreciate at the Arts of Snohomish, with a wide variety of artistic mediums on display and available for purchase.

Stop in at one of the monthly shows or listen to some of the local musicians offering a musical delight while exploring the gallery. “Unpretentious and inviting, Arts of Snohomish is real art for real people.” Follow the Arts of Snohomish on social media to stay up to date on featured artists, upcoming events, and more fun happening around the gallery. Next time you find yourself downtown, discover the Arts of Snohomish for a welcoming environment with impressive pieces of art for all to enjoy.

Arts of Snohomish
Take in the lively watercolors by artist Dru Duffey, such as “Daffodils in Pink” bringing these florals to life. Photo courtesy: Dru Duffey Art

Arts of Snohomish Guest Artists & Exciting Events

Check out the incredible lineup of guest artists making their pieces to the gallery for all to enjoy. Stop by in the spring to appreciate the watercolors of floral displays and scenic landscapes painted by Kirkland artist Dru Duffey. “In this time of uncertainty, I would like to share my work with as many people as possible. My hope is to be able to give you an image of light and hope to brighten your day.” Summer brings plentiful sunshine and bright, cheerful pieces of art to the gallery. See beautiful watercolors and mosaics from Bonnie Galvin, scrap metal creations from Justin Bergevin, and much more. With receptions held regularly, check out the Receptions & Events page for more information on exciting events coming soon to the Arts of Snohomish.

Arts of Snohomish
Browse through a wide selection of beautiful greeting cards for every occasion. Photo courtesy: Arts of Snohomish

Greeting Card Program at Arts of Snohomish

Bring your greeting card game to the next level with unique, artistic greeting cards available for purchase straight from the gallery. Bring home beautiful images and cards fit for every occasion. Take advantage of the Greeting Card Rewards Program for some extra perks. Buy seven greeting cards, and get one for free through the rewards program. “It’s our way of thanking our loyal customers with some extra greeting-card goodness.” Stop in at the gallery and take home some inspiration of your own with a wide variety of fantastic greeting cards offered at an affordable price.

Become an Arts of Snohomish Member

Did you know the Arts of Snohomish is looking for new artist members to join the gallery? Now you have the chance to show and sell your artwork right in the heart of downtown Snohomish. Start your application for free today and learn more about the many membership benefits. Learn more about the member application process and take advantage of the opportunity to have your artwork on display in the quaint town of Snohomish, bringing locals and tourists from near and far. Join a supportive community and interact with other artist members for additional collaboration opportunities. Sign up for the monthly newsletter to stay in touch with the gallery and all the fun taking place. Visit the Arts of Snohomish to learn more about the chance to showcase your own art in a friendly and engaging venue.

Arts of Snohomish
Stop in at the gallery in downtown Snohomish to view impressive pieces of art. Photo courtesy: Arts of Snohomish

Escape to the Arts of Snohomish for a day of viewing incredible art from various mediums. Take a look at an assortment of Northwest-inspired watercolors while also having the opportunity to view hand-made jewelry pieces from jewelry artist Elena Boucheva. Be sure to check out the fun greeting cards section, with beautiful cards fit for every occasion. Become a member and showcase your art pieces or sign up for the newsletter to stay in the loop on all the seasonal events happening at the Arts of Snohomish. Next time you’re looking for a fun activity, everyone will enjoy, take a moment to appreciate the fine works of art showcased at the Arts of Snohomish.

Arts of Snohomish
1024 1st St., Snohomish

Wednesday – Sunday, 12 – 5 p.m.
Monday – Tuesday, closed

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