Flannel and pumpkin spice, bonfires and everything nice — it’s officially fall, y’all, here in Snohomish County. For the next few weeks, it’ll be nothing but crisp breezes and autumn leaves as the season’s beautiful fall foliage creates a picturesque backdrop with its changing colors. Soon, there will be brilliant bursts of gold, radiant reds, and blazes of orange throughout the region that will surely make you “fall” in love with the season! Find out where to see the fall leaves this autumn in Snohomish.

fall leaves Snohomish County
The falling leaves in the forest of Lord Hill Regional Park create bright-colored pathways as the leaves fall. Photo courtesy: Must Hike, Must Eat

Lord Hill Regional Park

12921 150th Street, SE

With 1,463 acres of forest, ponds, and meadows, the wonderfully wild Lord Hill Regional Park is the perfect spot to enjoy the crisp fall air and its beautiful autumn leaves. Hikers can spend the day roaming the park’s diverse network of trails leading through the forest, down the Snohomish River and up to views of the Cascades and Snohomish Valley, getting a fresh glimpse of the changes that come with the season. The park’s diverse array of trees further enhances the experience, ensuring a vibrant display of fall colors.

fall leaves Snohomish County
The “Big Red Barn” has become a Family Adventure Farm for the month of October at Stocker Farms, where guests can enjoy the colors of the season on a real-life farm. Photo courtesy: Stocker Farms

Stocker Farms

8705 Marsh Road

Nothing says fall like the farm, and at Stocker Farms in Snohomish, one can really get lost in the season. Known for its pumpkin patches and fall activities, the farm also features scenic walking paths that allow you to immerse yourself in the splendid array of colors, complete with fall vibes, as the barn and fields provide a colorful backdrop for the occasion.

As a bonus to the season, the farm even holds Fall Days from late September through the end of October. Tickets give guests access to their iconic pumpkin patch, Big Red Barn shop, food stalls, hayrides, and an intricate corn maze, all providing picture-perfect autumnal photo opportunity locations throughout the property.

fall leaves Snohomish County
The Japanese Gulch is actually a 1,071-acre drainage basin. The city of Mukilteo owns 147 acres of land, including a dog park, waterfront access, open space, and a community garden. Photo courtesy: Japanese Gulch

Japanese Gulch in Mukilteo

Though the emerald gem is primarily known for its spring wildflowers, Japanese Gulch also boasts beautiful fall foliage. It’s the perfect place to disappear from the city and into the season, as numerous trails inside the Gulch make for lots of wandering opportunities. The mossy trees will make you feel as if you’re far away from civilization, but it’s the mix of deciduous and evergreen trees that creates a dynamic display of colors during the autumn season.

fall leaves Snohomish County
Stores within the Downtown Historic District of Snohomish make the fall scenery even more festive with their creative and colorful displays that match the season. Photo courtesy: Historic Downtown Snohomish Association

Snohomish Historic District

With its numerous antique shops and a host of boutiques and restaurants, the Snohomish Historic District provides perfect evening strolls in autumn colors. The festive foliage even further creates stunning surroundings around the district’s many historic homes, many over a century old. Strolling through the area’s cobblestone pathways and charming streets, one is immersed not only in the changes in the season but also in a world where time seems to slow down as it transports you to a fall season of yesteryear.

fall leaves Snohomish County
Views like this over the Pilchuck are just one fine example of all the fall colors you can experience along the Centennial Trail. Photo courtesy: ToddlerTrekking

Centennial Trail

The 30-mile Centennial Trail stretches through Snohomish County, offering a scenic route for anyone looking to enjoy walking, jogging, or cycling. During autumn, this trail undergoes a breathtaking transformation as a radiant tapestry of fall foliage surrounds the pathway as far as the eye can see. A radiant tapestry of bursting, bright colors greet each passerby as they make their way along the trail. The air along the path also carries the aroma of the changing season. A mix of earthiness, damp leaves, and the promise of colder days ahead, all that’s missing is the fresh cup of coffee as you enjoy the coziness of the trail.

Blackmans Lake

The towering trees that embrace Blackmans Lake exchange their verdant hues for a palette of warm oranges, fiery reds, and rich golden yellows in the autumn. The surrounding lake’s tranquil waters further enhance the beauty of this transformation. The vivid foliage becomes doubly enchanting as it paints its reflection upon the water’s surface. The quietness of the location, away from the hustle and bustle of the city, elevates the serene setting further, making it a must-stop for any fall lover.

All these areas of our region and more will soon be adorned in the season’s hues as the days get shorter and the nights longer. They’re certainly a welcomed sight here in the Snohomish County community as they elicit feelings of togetherness, thankfulness, and holiday cheer to come while we once again fall in love with the season.

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