Keep Your Eye on the Sky: Increased UFO Activity Continues to Baffle Snohomish County Residents

Since the dawn of time, man has found themselves looking toward the sky, whether for answers, guidance from higher powers, or just to enjoy the beauty of this seemingly vast and infinite universe. Over time, this curiosity has left more questions than answers as more and more people report seeing unidentified flying objects in the sky with no real explanation.

Furthermore, it seems Washington has become a hotbed for this kind of paranormal activity since 1947 when businessman Kenneth Arnold made history with the first-ever well-known UFO sighting when he saw a group of nine unidentified, high-speed flying objects near Mount Rainier. Nowadays, Washington ranks as the most likely state for people to spot a UFO, and just like the rest of the state, the Snohomish area is no stranger to this unusual activity.

Snohomish UFO History
Kenneth Arnold in 1947 with his CallAir plane shortly after his initial UFO sighting in 1947. Photo courtesy: Associated Press

The National UFO Reporting Center Keeps Detailed Accounts of All Encounters in Snohomish and Across the Globe

Records of sightings here in Snohomish, as well as those across the nation, can all be found on the database of the National UFO Reporting Center (NUFORC). Curious minds can explore the official list of sightings categorized by state. Currently, the site is directed by Eastern Washington’s Peter Davenport, who’s had a lifelong interest in UFOs since first seeing one in the state during a family outing to a drive-in theater in 1954. The center can be found just 30 miles west of Spokane near his home of Davenport, after having moved the center there once being appointed director.

The earliest recorded sighting in the database for the city of Snohomish was on March 1, 1962, when a diamond-shaped UFO was reported to have shot incredibly fast across the sky and then stopped instantly in a new location. The city’s second reported sighting wouldn’t be until two decades later, in 1985, when someone reported seeing a triangle of three lights floating stationary in the sky while simultaneously rotating like a wheel.

In between that time, Everett experienced its reported sighting in June of 1976 and again in 1977 when two triangle-shaped objects were reportedly camouflaging themselves in the clouds one late afternoon. Bothell also experienced its first encounter with the unidentified flying kind when a light was seen moving very low before making a ninety-degree turn at full speed in 1973.

Snohomish UFO History
Photograph of a flying saucer taken by the farmer Paul Trent in McMinnville, Oregon, over his farm. Photo courtesy: Bettmann Archive/ Getty

Snohomish Becomes a Hub for Extraterrestrial Activity Much Like the Rest of Washington

Glimpses of these unidentified flying objects in Snohomish County increased throughout the 1990s. Everett alone went from one sighting in 1994 and 1995, then jumped to two in 1996, then again to five in 1998. Similarly, Edmonds went from one reported sighting in 1995 to three the following year. Just a few years ago, in 2017, there was another sighting, this one recorded, of a bizarre ‘triangle formation’ over a remote farm in the city. The footage appears to show three UFOs making a sustained triangle formation. The case was investigated by the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON), a U.S.-based organization dedicated to alien research.

For Marysville, they went from one reported and one of the earliest sightings in the county in 1959 and again in 1985, only to go another decade without activity, but when it finally started up again, they had a total of six sightings through the 1990s. One of the most collaborated sightings in the city would later occur in 2013. The reports seemed to flood in after a story was published about Dick and Carol Johnson’s account of explainable lights over their Bush Point Home in March of that year. Afterward, a number of reports came of people who had also seen similar lights in the sky that night.

Snohomish UFO History
Photos like this one out of Noble, OK, in 2022 prove just how mesmerizing UFO sightings can be. Photo courtesy: NUFORC Sighting 166504

Snohomish Continues to Keep an Eye on the Sky in Search of Extraterrestrials

Though the increase in UFO activity over the years might seem a little scary, it only heightened man’s curiosity about these unidentified flying objects. So much so that even Everett has been the proud place of an art installation known as the “Landing Zone.” Upon its debut, it captivated not only the community but the whole United States as it was chosen as one of the top 40 “best public artworks in the United States and Canada” in 2010 by the Americans for the Arts. To this day, it still resides at its Paine Field Playground home and is a favorite among visitors.

As for the rest of Snohomish? Well, it seems the region continues to experience a plethora of UFO sightings, much like the rest of the state, with several cities within the county reporting multiple sightings in 2023. Whether this increase in activity is the result of more and more extraterrestrials entering our planet’s atmosphere or the result of more Earth-bound, open minds looking more and more toward the sky as the government becomes increasingly open about its investigations into Unidentified Anomalous Phenomena, otherwise known as UAPs – it’s hard to say.

Snohomish UFO History
While detailed photographs of UFOs remain stubbornly elusive, many witnesses have submitted drawings or computer renderings of the strange craft they have seen to NUFORC, such as this aircraft spotted in Jemez Springs, NM. Photo courtesy: NUFORC Sighting 127386

What does seem safe to say, however, is that not only Snohomish but all of Washington has become a must-watch location for UFO enthusiasts and curious onlookers as more information continues to come forward and shed light on these mysterious spectacles that have more and more people looking toward the sky across the globe.

Everett sculpture walk
Landing Zone will make you feel as if you’ve stepped out of this world as it takes a humorous spin on the theme of flight with a futuristic spaceship that acts as a shelter, “moon rocks” for basalt seating and a cast concrete “X” bench that marks the perfect spot for a lunar landing. Photo courtesy: Puget Exposure
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