Snohomish County’s palate vibrates like a sun-kissed mosaic, a kaleidoscope of flavors where each piece tells a story of culture and tradition. Every spoonful is a testament to the region’s diverse tapestry, woven by restaurant owners who pour their heritage, dreams, and specialty spices into every dish. Among these culinary threads, Snohomish’s Black-owned restaurants and culinary businesses shine like jewels within this melting pot of flavors, each radiating a unique warmth in a cultural celebration through taste.

From soul food that warms the heart to Ethiopian stews tantalizing the palate, these establishments offer delicious meals and vibrant stories of heritage, resilience, and community spirit. With these Black-owned restaurants, community members can dive into a journey of discovery, where each bite is a celebration of cultural expression and culinary artistry, and each dining experience offers a window into the diverse cultural stories and warm hospitality that define Snohomish County’s Black community.

Snohomish County's Black-owned restaurants
David Hayward has brought a taste of the Carolinas to the Pacific Northwest with his Carolina Smoke BBQ and Catering. Photo courtesy: Carolina Smoke BBQ and Catering

Carolina Smoke BBQ and Catering

24118 Bothell Everett Hwy., Bothell

For over 20 years, Carolina Smoke BBQ and Catering have been tantalizing taste buds with authentic Southern BBQ that boasts a unique, wood-fired flavor. Owner and pitmaster David Hayward brings his Charleston, SC, roots and passion for slow-cooked perfection to the Pacific Northwest. Using only the freshest ingredients, David infuses meats, fish, and vegetables with natural smoke from mesquite, alder, and hickory, creating an unforgettable depth of taste. All this is done on a unique grill of David’s that is not only big enough to serve large parties but also grills without gas or charcoal, preserving the food’s natural flavor.

And it is not just about the food! David’s warm personality and dedication to customizing menus for every occasion make Carolina Smoke on-site catering an extraordinary experience. So, whether planning a backyard gathering, company picnic, or even a vegetarian feast, let Carolina Smoke bring the taste of genuine Southern hospitality and create an event your guests will rave about.

Bantaba African Restaurant

19417 36th Avenue W, Lynnwood

Your taste buds will be transported to the heart of Africa at Bantaba African Restaurant in Lynnwood. With its warm and inviting atmosphere, this unique and authentic dining experience will surely feed your soul. A range of African dishes are featured on the menu, consisting of the finest, fresh, and flavorful ingredients, from savory stews and grilled meats to vegetarian options like lentil soup and plantain fritters.

Portions are hearty, which makes it an excellent spot for a satisfying meal. In addition, the friendly staff are more than happy to share their culture and culinary traditions with the customers, making the meal a truly memorable connection through community and taste.

Gip’s Down-Home BBQ


Are you craving smoky, delicious BBQ that sings with homegrown flavor for your next big event? Then look no further than Gip’s Down-Home BBQ, a family-run operation led by the dynamic duo of Ron and Shirley Gipson. Forget gas grills and artificial smoke – these pitmasters use their open-air setup to slow-smoke meats to perfection, infusing them with the rich essence of natural wood.

Catch them at local events like car shows, festivals, and more, where they’ll tempt you with mouthwatering fare like brisket tacos, loaded smoked potatoes, and pulled pork sandwiches dripping with their secret recipe BBQ sauce. And for those sick of cooking for the holidays, consider pre-ordering a perfectly smoked Thanksgiving turkey or a juicy Christmas/Easter ham and let them do the cooking so you can focus on making memories instead of sweating over a hot stove.

Snohomish County's Black-owned restaurants
Sharon Tolbert is hard at work at Grandma’s in da kitchen, serving up big, full plates reminiscent of grandma’s home cooking. Photo courtesy: Grandma’s in da kitchen

Grandma’s in Da Kitchen

2831 W Marine View Drive, Everett

Offering Jamaican Cajun Louisiana-style food to the people of Everett is Grandma’s in Da Kitchen, where owner Sharon Tolbert is hard at work. The southern comfort, soul-food restaurant is home to a variety of menu options, including bone-huggin’ ribs, grilled catfish, specialty shrimp ‘n grits, baked macaroni and cheese, and cornbread, plus a mouthwatering assortment of desserts.

In addition, being conveniently located on West Marine View Drive makes this a dining experience with a picture-perfect view of the Everett waterfront. So come for the food, stay for the view, and leave with a belly full of happiness.

Touba Bakery

11114 Evergreen Way, Suite C, Everett

In owner Papa Seck’s eyes, happiness isn’t just a feeling. It’s a warm croissant, a flaky pain au chocolate, a symphony of flavors dancing on your tongue. That’s why he opened Touba Bakery, a name that whispers of his Senegalese roots and a tribute to the holy city of Touba. Step inside, and you’ll find yourself transported to the heartland as photos and artifacts from West Africa line the walls, each a story waiting to be unraveled. Meanwhile, the air hums with the aroma of freshly baked bread, a promise of pure delight.

Even coffee here isn’t just a drink. It’s a cultural tapestry woven with tradition that Papa calls “Café Touba.” This rich, spicy brew is the traditional drink of Senegal and was popularized by Cheikh Amadou Bamba. Its spice comes from the guinea pepper, which is considered good for eye health. Still, the real magic here lies in the baked goods, where each bite is a testament to the owner’s dream, a love letter to his heritage, and a gift of happiness to anyone who walks through his door.

Snohomish County's Black-owned restaurants
At Zoey’s Fried Chicken Sandwiches, you’ll find that it’s nothing but chicken, and it’s all mouthwatering. Photo courtesy: Zoey’s Fried Chicken Sandwiches

Zoey’s Fried Chicken Sandwiches

510 W Casino Road, Suite G, Everett

Ask anyone, and they’ll tell you there’s nothing like a chicken sandwich from Zoey’s Fried Chicken Sandwiches in Everett. Fried to perfection, evenly breaded and seasons, coming complete with a pickle, it’s a taste of heaven in every mouthwatering bite. Owned and operated by Aissa Mbaye and her family, it seems they’ve concocted a winning formula when it comes to all things chicken sandwiches.

Mbaye is from Niger, and her culinary roots go deep. She started cooking at the age of 12, and her warmth and inviting personality have transformed the restaurant into a community hub in the heart of the diverse Casino Road neighborhood.

Snohomish County's Black-owned restaurants
Zuri’s Donutz owner and veteran entrepreneur Davis Vincent named Zuri’s Donutz after his daughter, who has inspired many creations on his menu as well. Photo courtesy: Zuri’s Donutz

Zuri’s Donutz

7600 196th Street SW #850, Lynnwood

At Zuri’s Donutz, they go beyond your standard old-fashioned jelly-filled doughnut shop and instead blow patron’s minds with their off-the-wall flavor explosions is one of America’s favorite treats. Their menu is a playground for your taste buds, where signature donut creations, decadent cakes, and dreamy pastries mingle, with vegan and gluten-free options joining the party, so everyone’s included and invited!

Owner and baker David Vincent firmly believes that if you can get it anywhere, then it is boring. This is why, on his menu, you’ll find some crazy fun donut options to choose from. Have you ever wanted to try a dragon fruit glazed donut? Or how about a chicken and waffle donut? Or try something from another world entirely, like the inventive ube-filled donut with toasted coconut (for those who don’t know, ube is a sweet purple yam popular in the Philippines). So, ditch the ordinary and dine into a donut dream at Zuri’s Donutz!

Snohomish County's Black-owned restaurants
You’ll get a taste of West Africa at Hadiani African Restaurant. Photo courtesy: Hadiani African Restaurant

Hadiani African Restaurant

22003 66th Avenue W, Mountlake Terrace

In the heart of Mountlake Terrace, Hadiani African Restaurant isn’t just a family business. It’s a love letter to West African cuisine. Founded to fill the void for authentic flavors in the Seattle area, they now bring fresh, hearty dishes to the community that dance on your palate and linger in your memory. Every bite is a journey as they pour their passion into each dish, each crafted with time-honored traditions and the freshest ingredients.

Ensuring an unforgettable dining experience that celebrates the vibrant tapestry of West African cuisine, they invite patrons to come hungry, come curious and let Hadiani African Restaurant take you on a culinary adventure where their family’s passion will shine through with every delicious mouthful.

From soul food classics with a modern twist to African dishes bursting with flavor, Snohomish County’s Black-owned restaurants offer a kaleidoscope of culinary experiences. Each bite celebrates heritage, culture, and the entrepreneurial spirit thriving in the region. By supporting these establishments, you’re not just enjoying a delicious meal. You’re contributing to a vibrant community and ensuring these stories (and meals) continue to be told for generations.

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