Those on Instagram know capturing the perfect photo to post requires a bit of thought. From berries to blooms, balloons and butterflies, there are places in Snohomish County offering beautiful backdrops for images worthy of a social media post. Add these area sites to your list of must-stop places for the best photos to use on Instagram.

Snohomish County Instagram spots
The Mukilteo Lighthouse at Mukilteo Lighthouse Park. Photo credit: Courtney Becker

Mukilteo Lighthouse Park

609 Front Street

Soak up the views at Mukilteo Lighthouse Park and watch the ferry pass by on Puget Sound. Mukilteo Lighthouse Park is a hot destination of Snohomish County, and considering the breathtaking views, it is no surprise why. Take a brief history lesson at the Mukilteo Lighthouse, where you can tour the inside of the lighthouse, various exhibits, and the gift shop — open on weekends only from April through September. Admission is free, although donations are greatly appreciated. The remainder of the park is open year-round for locals and visitors to enjoy.

Heat up the summer festivities with a BBQ and bring your own firewood for a bonfire at one of the six bonfire pits on the sandy beach overlooking Puget Sound. Stay long enough, and you might even catch an amazing sunset. Mukilteo Lighthouse Park is a hot spot on Instagram for capturing stunning sunset views of the sound, often with a ferry passing by in the distance. Mukilteo Lighthouse Park is an excellent destination for capturing the moment in stunning photographs.

With a large, easily accessible parking lot and favorite local eateries such as Diamond Knot Brewery and Ivar’s Mukilteo Landing within short walking distance, there is sure to be something the entire family will enjoy at Mukilteo Lighthouse Park. Also, consider an overnight stay at the Silver Cloud Inn Mukilteo Waterfront. Soak in incredible views in your in-room jetted tub overlooking Puget Sound for a memorable romantic getaway. Whatever the reason may be, Mukilteo Lighthouse Park is Instagram’s choice of places to visit in Snohomish County.

Snohomish Balloon Ride

Snohomish County Instagram spots
Take in the views from above during a Snohomish Balloon Ride in Snohomish. Photo courtesy: Snohomish Balloon Rides

Harvey Field
10520 Airport Way Suite B

 Fly high in the sky at Snohomish Balloon Ride and post your unforgettable trip on Instagram. A hot air balloon ride is seasonally popular in the summer months at Snohomish Balloon Ride, conveniently located in Snohomish at Harvey Airfield. Breathe in the fresh air and watch the sunrise or sunset while overlooking iconic sights of Puget Sound and the Cascade Mountains from a birds-eye view.

Owner and Chief Pilot Captain Bob has been in flight since 1981 and loving every minute of it. Completing over 9,000 hours piloting hot air balloons worldwide, Captain Bob knows what it takes to create a memorable experience. He believes “there’s nothing like seeing it from above everything while aboard a hot air balloon,” and his company provides the opportunity to see the Pacific Northwest from an entirely different perspective.

Fly off on a private balloon ride for couples or small groups or embark on a shared ride at sunrise or sunset consisting of two to ten people. Rides are offered from May 15 to September 15 for those aged 6+. Set aside three hours from start to finish, with about 60-75 minutes spent in the air. Snohomish Balloon Ride is a popular spot and Instagram-approved spot for proposals, anniversary celebrations, and for lovers of stunning Pacific Northwest imagery.

Mountainview Blueberry Farm

Snohomish County Instagram spots
Embark on a journey among the towering sunflower fields at Mountain View Blueberry Farm in Snohomish. Photo courtesy: Mountain View Blueberry Farm

7617 E Lowell-Larimer Rd.

Berries and blooms are in store for the end of the summer celebration at Mountainview Blueberry Farm in the farming community of Snohomish. Famous on Instagram for capturing unique displays of sunflower fields along with u-pick blueberries across 20 acres of farmland, this local farm knows what it takes to be Insta-worthy.

The farm features 25 varieties and colors of sunflowers with fresh, hand-picked bouquets ready to take home along with acres of blueberry fields ready for u-pick or sold by the pound. Tickets for Berries and Blooms can be purchased in advance online or at the gate. Berries and Blooms at Mountainview Blueberry Farm run from July 28September 6, Tuesday through Sunday, from 8 a.m.- 5 p.m.

On Saturdays and Sundays from July 31 to September 6, snag a limited ticket for the Butterfly Release to watch the sky fill up with beautiful butterflies in an unforgettable experience. For the fair rate of $9.95 plus applicable tax, you can take part in this one-on-one butterfly encounter by releasing your very own butterfly. Weather permitting, release times take place at 11 a.m. and 2 p.m.

Snohomish County Instagram spots
Fresh blueberries waiting to be picked at Mountain View Blueberry Farm in Snohomish. Photo courtesy: Mountain View Blueberry Farm

Be sure to check out the farm household essentials ready to take home. Available for purchase include ripe, hand-picked blueberries, mason jars of u-pick blooms, or galvanized buckets of u-pick blooms. Also, take advantage of the photo opportunities with breathtaking backdrops of sky-high sunflowers under the Cascade Mountains. Remember your experience using your favorite #hashtags and post photos from the farm to Instagram for others to enjoy.

These iconic settings are just a few among the most Instagrammable places in Snohomish County. The area is a photographer’s playground! With beautiful scenery and plenty of cool places, stops at any of these locations are sure to inspire more than a few creative snapshots.

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