Home to some of the most iconic views in the nation, Washington state offers everything from jaw-dropping displays of desert gorges to captivating panoramas of crashing Pacific waves, serene scenes in snow-covered mountain peaks to breathtaking backdrops of lush, verdant forests, and many more stunning settings unveiling its natural beauty. There’s no doubt that these mesmerizing vistas will take your breath away during the day. Still, as the sun dips low, a spectacular display ignites the western horizon, leaving an even more lasting impression with a Washington sunset.

Like the rest of the state, Snohomish County is no stranger to these sunset serenades, with the region offering a treasure trove of locations to witness the awe-inspiring view as the sun dips below the horizon and paints the sky in a kaleidoscope of colors before day surrenders to night. Check out where to see stunning sunsets in Snohomish County!

Where to see Sunsets in Snohomish County
The light still comes on at sunset at the Mukilteo Lighthouse. Photo credit: Justin Kraemer

Mesmerizing Views at Mukilteo Lighthouse

The scenic beachfront at Mukilteo Lighthouse Park is just one of many reasons to visit the historic lighthouse that still sheds a light for seaside travelers. Various vantage points all along the park showcase gorgeous views of the Sound, Whidbey Island, the Mukilteo/Clinton ferries, and the skyline of downtown Everett. Waterfront fire pits on the driftwood-lined beach offer serene spots to settle in and watch the sun seemingly sink into the ocean beyond.

Sunset Hill Park is Aptly Named

Can you guess what views can be found at Sunset Hill Park? We’ll give you a hint: it’s sunsets that will leave you speechless! The small park tucked into the Crown Hill neighborhood of Ballard is located at the top of a 300-foot bluff above Shilshole Marina. From its picture-perfect location, it offers impressive views of the Olympic Mountains and Puget Sound. To the south, in the distance, you can see the beach point and lighthouse of Discovery Park, further complimenting the view.

Where to see Sunsets in Snohomish County
The Port of Everett Marina is a unique blend of quiet tranquility and seaside activity for sunset seekers. Photo courtesy: Port of Everett

Serene Sunsets at the Port of Everett Marina

Voted third place in the Everett Herald’s 2022 Best of Snohomish County Awards in the Best Place to Watch the Sunset category, the Port of Everett Marina offers a unique blend of activity and tranquility as life on the marina begins to slow and quiet with the setting of the sun. Three distinct basins make up these unobstructed, panoramic views of Port Gardner Bay at the mouth of the Snohomish River, which includes the South Docks, Central Docks, and North Docks.

Each basin offers a slightly different perspective, allowing you to choose your preferred setting to end your day. Observation points along the waterfront allow for the perfect opportunity to stop and enjoy the view of the cascading waves and the mighty Olympic Mountains out in the distance.

Where to see Sunsets in Snohomish County
A sunset photo taken above Jetty Island, capturing the mesmerizing mountains beyond the horizon. Photo courtesy: City of Everett

Sandy Shore Sunsets at Jetty Island

Everett’s hidden waterfront gem, Jetty Island, offers more than just the longest sandy beach in Puget Sound. It also provides one of the most genuinely unforgettable sunset experiences in Snohomish County. This human-made island, stretching for two miles off the coast of Everett, offers a front-row seat to nature’s nightly masterpiece, boasting unobstructed views of the horizon. The lack of light pollution from the mainland further enhances the vividness of the sunset colors.

Brackett’s Landing is the Perfect Landscape for Sunsets

Nestled along the Edmonds waterfront, Brackett’s Landing offers a delightful and multifaceted setting to experience the magic of a Snohomish County sunset. The historic park, made up of Brackett Landing’s North Park and Brackett’s Landing South Park, boasts a rich history (having been named after the city’s founder, George Brackett) and a vibrant atmosphere, making it a truly unique spot to witness the sun’s daily farewell. The presence of the Edmonds-Kingston ferry even adds a touch of dynamism to the scene as they glide gracefully across the water, their silhouettes framed by the vibrant colors of the setting sky above.

Where to see Sunsets in Snohomish County
An Edmonds sunset with a picture-perfect view of the ferry as it cruises along the water. Photo credit: Michael Matti

Witness Seaside Sunsets at Olympic Beach

Just when you think the winding waterfront walkway in Edmonds known as Olympic Beach couldn’t get any more breathtaking and peaceful with its sandy shoreline, unobstructed views, and collection of interesting sculptures along its path, it comes to life in a whole new light with the setting on the sun. Here, you can witness dazzling sunsets that paint the sky in fiery hues of orange, red, and purple, reflected upon the calm waters of Puget Sound.

In the winter, the majestic Olympic Mountains’ snowy peaks become dramatic silhouettes against the vibrant sky, making the scene all the more astonishing. Keep your eyes peeled, and you might just catch a glimpse of playful seals basking on the rocks offshore before settling down for the night.

As enchanting as these Snohomish County sunset spots may be, they are just the tip of the iceberg in our picturesque backdrop of life. Whether you seek serene scenes on a secluded beach, sweeping views on a mighty mountaintop, or dramatic displays along the waterfront, there’s a perfect sunset haven just waiting to be discovered!

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