The wraps are back, but McDonald’s has yet to answer the outraged cries of McSalad Shaker fans, and while they’re trying their best to offer better nutritious options, fast food chains still aren’t entirely cutting it with their healthy alternatives. After all, who will pick Wendy’s Apple Pecan Salad when there’s a Pretzel Baconator next to it on the menu?

So, if you’re looking for healthy menu options that look just as appealing as their bad-for-you counterparts, it’s safe to say that fast food isn’t the way to go. Instead, get your healthy eating cravings where the rest of the menu is just as wholesome as it is tempting at these local healthy restaurants in Everett.

Healthy Restaurants in Everett
Chocolate Mint is just one of many yummy smoothie options at K Fresh, and you won’t believe they’re actually good for you. Photo courtesy: K Fresh

K Fresh

1105 Hewitt Avenue, Everett

Established in 2019, Korean-inspired restaurant K Fresh has made a name for itself as the place to go when you want to build your own rice bowls and stone bowls served hot. The gluten-free, dairy-free restaurant is home to some tasty vegan options, including a legendary vegan milkshake that will help them secure their awarded title of best new restaurant the year they opened. Each one consists of the finest fresh fruits, including strawberry, mango and raspberry. Other flavors include chocolate, chocolate mint, mocha, matcha, and egg nog.

Healthy Restaurants in Everett
Bursting with flavor, comforting aromatics, and vibrant colors, each dish at Café Wylde is a joy to behold. Photo courtesy: Café Wylde

Café Wylde

2918 Hoyt Avenue, Everett

Offering local, vegan and organic food straight from the earth is Café Wylde in Everett. With a menu of food items that will not only make you feel good but also taste good and features a variety of items bursting with flavor, comforting aromatics, and vibrant colors. In addition, it is full of macro and micronutrients that cannot be found in conventional foods.

The café specializes in sourcing the highest quality adaptogenic herbs and fresh ingredients, meaning everything from their exciting list of beverages to their variety of tacos can all be guaranteed to provide patrons an extra leap of health to go with their meal.

Healthy Restaurants in Everett
With menu items this good, it’s hard to remember you’re eating healthy at The Valley Organic Deli. Photo courtesy: The Valley Organic Deli

The Valley Organic Deli

2805 Colby Avenue, Everett

Eating right and healthy comes naturally at The Valley Organic Deli. Owner Luis says the name came to him when he was hiking up to Goat Lake, pausing momentarily to marvel at the radiance of the valley’s sweeping views, thus naming the restaurant after the breathtaking valley. The restaurant itself was a dream that had been building in Luis from a young age as he held on to fond memories of growing up in his grandmother’s wonderful garden, gathering vegetables, and creating incredible meals together.

Now, he aims to bring the same love and care to the meals he humbly serves patrons in his deli. Though initially told an organic restaurant wouldn’t make it in the food industry, it seems The Valley Organic Deli is proving that healthy eating is becoming quite important to more and more people.

Healthy Restaurants in Everett
Start your day off right with a hearty, healthy breakfast at The Sisters Restaurants. Photo courtesy: The Sisters Restaurant

The Sisters Restaurant

2804 Grand Avenue, Everett

Cooking up cravings since 1983, with many delicious vegan and gluten-free options to choose from, along with their classic, wholesome, scratch-made fare made with quality ingredients and lots of love, is The Sisters Restaurant. The family-owned and operated Everett community staple was run for decades by three of the six Quall sisters, natives of Everett.

The girls’ mother had established the restaurant shortly after the waterfront lumber mills closed, during a time when downtown real estate was cheap and the city core was vacant. Since then, the beloved local favorite for dinner has built a following among locals with its no-nonsense, from scratch, all-American comfort food, pastries, and pies.

Bayside Café

3001 Broadway, Everett

Located in historic downtown Everett is the 100% plant-based restaurant Bayside Café. Since its inception in 2020, they’ve been serving up plant-based bar foods, including burgers, brats and sandwiches, alongside delicious ales and classy wines. Locals consider it vegan “junk food.” Try it for yourself, and you’ll swear it doesn’t taste healthy, but every bite is made with your health and heart in mind.

Healthy Restaurants in Everett
Dessert isn’t just good for you, it’s tasty too at Revive Bowls and Smoothies. Photo courtesy: Revive Bowls and Smoothies

Revive Bowls and Smoothies

112 Skyline Drive, Everett

Who said dessert had to be healthy, too? Revive Bowls and Smoothies is committed to providing you with the finest organic and all-natural frozen bowls and smoothies, and yum, they are delicious frozen treats. Here, they believe indulgence can go hand in hand with health, and their yummy menu items are a testament to that philosophy. There’s no sugar added, just whole fruits and organic ingredients in these frozen desserts that you don’t have to feel guilty about!

Healthy dinner plus a healthy dessert? Um, yes, please! So the next time you’re craving something tasty but also healthy, head on over to any of these local healthy restaurant options in Everett!

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