In 1965, three lads in Bainbridge Island came together to create a unique and intricate sport to provide a game that the whole family could play. The result was the creation of the now infamous and exciting sport of pickleball, perfected by its founders, businessmen Bill Bell and Barney McCallum, as well as Washington State congressman Joel Pritchard. 

Snohomish County Pickleball
Barney McCallum, Joel Pritchard and Bill Bell were the three founding fathers of pickleball. Photo courtesy: Pickleball Channel

Love of the new game has since traveled far and wide across the United States, with April dedicated as National Pickleball Month in 2018. Naturally, the sport has had massive success in its founding state of Washington, officially declaring pickleball as the official state sport as of 2022. Snohomish County has been equally enthusiastic about the sport, if not more so, as the region has quickly become one of the epicenters for pickleball’s rise, and there are now plenty of places to play throughout the area! 

Jennings Park

55th Avenue NE, Marysville

For Pickleheads, as they’ve been affectionately nicknamed, Jennings Park is the place to play in Marysville. Recently, the community hub added eight pickleball-specific courts with permanent lines and nets. The courts are free to the public, but those looking to learn with a more adept instructor can sign up for some beginner classes by Marysville Parks, Culture, and Recreation. Participants will learn history, theory, rules, fundamentals of court position and ball stroking with proper footwork.  

Snohomish County Pickleball
Members of the Snohomish and Monroe Pickleball Club frequently enjoy playing at Pilchuck Park’s four pickleball courts. Photo courtesy: City of Snohomish

Pilchuck Park

169 Cypress Avenue, Snohomish

Pilchuck Park has become one of the most popular places to play pickleball in Snohomish. The park is home to four outdoor asphalt courts. Lines here are permanent, and it is free to play, but you must bring your own net. Other park amenities include restrooms, water fountains, and wheelchair accessibility. 

Lowell Park

4605 S 3rd Avenue, Everett

Players can also head on over to Lowell Park in Everett for some pickleball fun. Within the park’s ten acres are two outdoor hard cards that feature permanent lines for playing. Just don’t forget to bring your net to set up for your game. Courts are free, and facilities include restrooms and fountains, not to mention breathtaking views from Lowell’s Riverfront Park, providing a beautiful backdrop while you play.

Snohomish County Pickleball
Volli Marysville is the perfect retreat on a rainy day for pickleheads, as they offer indoor courts. Photo courtesy: Volli Marysville

Volli Marysville

9315 State Avenue, Marysville

Cloudy skies and nasty weather aren’t enough to stop pickleheads at Volli Marysville, where they can enjoy the thrilling sport indoors. The full entertainment and dining complex has joined the pickleball frenzy and opened its doors in July 2023. Here, four pristine indoor courts await patrons, which can be rented for $45 to $55 an hour. The attached pro shop ensures equipment is readily available for those who don’t possess their own or need to stack up on supplies. Separate rooms also offer patrons virtual golf and electronic darts for additional recreation fun, and their restaurant that seats 150 includes a fancy bar so you can enjoy a round before playing a round.

Snohomish County Pickleball
Pickleball’s popularity has grown so much throughout Washington, the state where it was founded, that it has since become the official state sport. Photo courtesy: Pickleball is Great

Snohomish Pickleball Club

With a love of the game comes the creation of associations, leagues, and dedicated clubs like the Snohomish Pickleball Club. The group of more than 50 intermediate players can’t get enough of the game and play seven days a week at Pilchuck Park when the weather is warm or indoors at places like MUV Fitness during the winter season.

No secret handshake or entry fee is required to join this friendly gaming bunch, just a love for pickleball and an inclusive attitude. They’re especially open to beginners looking to learn more and see if the recreational activity suits them. True beginners are welcome to come see what they’re doing on the court, where they’ll be greeted with warm smiles and someone who can assist them with basic instructions if needed. Of course, they’ll also welcome expert players into the fold as they appreciate all the help they can get both on and off the courts.

Snohomish County Pickleball
The game of pickleball is simple and created to be played as a fun family game by three gentlemen who came home to families with nothing to do once upon a time in 1965. Photo courtesy: Twin Pike Family

Mukilteo Everett Pickleball Club

Mukilteo Everett Pickleball Club has established an equally fun, social and competitive Pickleball Club for all skill levels in the Mukilteo/Everett area. So far, the club has amassed 250 members and coordinates fun tournaments, round robins, clinics, rating times and other events in the name of pickleball fun. As they look toward the future of the sport, they also work closely with each corresponding Parks Department and the school districts of Everett and Mukilteo to make access to pickleball fun for everyone possible.

These clubs are a tremendous resource in the community for those looking to immerse themselves in the new and exciting world of pickleball! And with courts popping up all over the Snohomish County area, it’s easy for everyone to enjoy a game that’s been a ‘dinking’ good time.

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