Between the Cascade Mountains and the sparkling Pacific Ocean, Washington has become the perfect canvas for vineyards to flourish, thanks to its unique combination of microclimates, fertile soil, and summer sunshine. The area has since become the second-largest wine-producing state in the country, with almost 1,000 different wineries scattered throughout the region, including some right here in Snohomish County!

Wineries in Snohomish County
Quilceda Creek Vintners is proud to boast a vast selection of exquisite reds to choose from, providing memorable taste-testing experiences. Photo courtesy: Quilceda Creek Vintners

Quilceda Creek Vintners

11306 52nd Street SE, Snohomish

Winemaking seems to run in the family for the Golitzins, who own and operate Quilceda Creek Vintners in Snohomish. The family’s winery roots date back to 1878 when Prince lev Sergeevich Galitzine, ancestor of the winery’s founder Alex Golitzin, began cultivating grapes in Crimea, eventually growing up to 600 varieties. Alex started his winemaking journey in 1975, spending the next few years making one barrel a year of “trail” Cabernet Sauvignon in his garage using Washington State grapes. Only three years later, in 1978, he established Quilceda Creek, the 12th bonded winery in Washington post-prohibition.

Today, the family produces exceptional and award-winning Cabernet Sauvignon that rival and surpass the quality and pedigree of the finest Sauvignons in the world. Their years of dedication have allowed them to refine their vineyard sourcing and perfect their farming practices to create these fine wines. Currently, the winery offers wine connoisseurs a private membership option where they can enjoy pre-release notifications and pricing, access to exclusive bottlings, and invitations to private events at the estate.

Wineries in Snohomish County
Port Gardner Bay Winery may be a small boutique winery, but they’ve got plenty of options to choose from and fun events like free open mic nights and live music nights. Photo courtesy: Port Gardner Bay Winery

Port Gardner Bay Winery

3006 Rucker Avenue, Everett

Offering distinguished wines in the heart of downtown Everett is a small boutique winery known as Port Gardner Bay Winery. Local couple Chris and Linnea Covington own the little gem, with Chris previously working as an engineer. Over the years, the pair found themselves purchasing increasingly expensive wines as their palates improved, igniting a curiosity between them as they began to investigate the art of winemaking. From there, they produced 90 gallons of wine in 2006. Before they knew it, they opened their own winery and became winemakers themselves.

Those interested in sampling their delicious reds, exquisite whites, and various other menu items can stop in from 4:30 until 10 p.m. for tasting room hours, Thursday through Saturday. The winery also hosts an open mic night every Thursday from 6 to 9 p.m. and live music on Fridays and Saturdays from 7 until 9 p.m.

Wineries in Snohomish County
Every Saturday from 1 until 5 p.m. Arista Wine Cellars offers free complimentary wine tastings for patrons to enjoy. Photo courtesy: Arista Wine Cellars

Arista Wine Cellars

320 5th Avenue S, Edmonds

Sipping strong since 1997 is proprietor Roger Clayton and his team at Arista Wine Cellars, who are happy to offer guests a fantastic wine-sampling experience. The family-owned wine shop is full of excellent value wines and hard-to-find collectibles that have aged to perfection. Every Saturday from 1 until 5 p.m., they offer free complimentary wine tastings for patrons to enjoy and find a new favorite to take home. Guests will find everything from Quilceda Creek and Cayuse to producer-grown champagnes such as Chartogne-Taillet on the shelves, along with other all-star wines in various categories. Also on hand is an extensive selection of Riedel, Schott Zwiesel, Spiegelau decanters, glassware, wine tools, and related gift ideas.

Patrons can also sign up for Arista Wine Cellars’ Wine Club, where they will discover new releases as they receive two bottles of wine every month that is selected according to their preferences, along with tasting notes, tips on aging, interesting tidbits about the wines’ origins, and food pairing ideas.

Wineries in Snohomish County
Wine lovers will enjoy getting lost at deVine Wines as they explore all the various selections of reds and whites they have to offer. Photo courtesy: de-Vine Wines

de-Vine Wines and Wine Bar

15224 Main Street Ste 107, Mill Creek

Established in 2004, deVine Wines has been pouring some of the finest wines since its debut for all to enjoy. In the heart of Mill Creek Town Center, patrons here can find wines from California, Oregon, Italy, France, and of course, Washington. They invite all to come in and see what they have to offer, and if there’s something specific or special you’re looking for, then they’re more than happy to do everything they can to make that happen for you.

Pair any of their delicious reds or crisp whites with any of their tasty charcuterie boards on the menu for some exquisite pairings. The menu also features an additional beer list for patrons to sample refreshing ales. deVine Wines also offers not one but four wine club package options to choose from, ensuring that wine aficionados can get the most for their taste buds.

Wineries in Snohomish County
Not only will you enjoy great vines at King Lake Cellars, but you’ll also enjoy great views too! Whether you are sipping chilled wine on the patio or tasting through reds in the wine cave, feel free to relax in their cozy. Photo courtesy: King Lake Cellars

King Lake Cellars

22819 King Lake Road, Monroe

Nestled on the hilltops of Monroe is a boutique winery whose vines are steeped deep in the earth, both figurately and literally. King Lake Cellars sources all their grapes from some of the finest vineyards in the Columbia Valley and transport them to their 26-acre farm, where winemaking is a fun and festive family affair. They have committed to the farm-to-table lifestyle and are equally passionate about sharing great food, exceptional wine, and priceless memories with their patrons.

Their head winemaker Kal Shawish was previously an engineer who began his fascination with winemaking in 2007 with a crate of cabernet grapes and a bathtub! Since then, it has grown from a hobby to a passion for Kal as he’s studied winemaking and evolved into a refined and talented vintner. It has enabled King Lake Cellars to create a winemaking technique that honors simplicity, allowing their wine time to develop how nature intended. The result is a rich sipping experience like no other they invite you to come to experience yourself or join their wine club for exclusive access to particular wines that are “members only” specialties.

With fantastic wineries like this in Snohomish County, it is easy to see why Washington has become a premier destination for wine lovers and enthusiasts. So, here’s to the great wines and good times that can only be found locally — Cheers!

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