Fresh air, towering summits, lush woodlands, windy waterways, and abundant wildlife — there’s so much to explore and enjoy in the great outdoors right here in Snohomish. All its natural beauty provides a diverse, picturesque landscape that has become the perfect place for family-friendly outdoor fun and adventure. From hiking mountains to biking trails, relaxing seaside by the waters, to crossing off bucket-list items with all the unique opportunities the area’s great outdoors has to offer, it’s all found locally. So, what are you waiting for? The great outdoors is calling!

Enjoy the Outdoors at Lord Hill Regional Park

12921 150th Street SE, Snohomish

Enjoy 1,500 acres of fun and outdoor adventure at Lord Hill Regional Park! Besides the beautiful scenery, it offers a range of outdoor activities perfect for the whole family. The park boasts magnificent views of the Cascade Mountains and Snohomish River Valley, making it the ideal spot for a leisurely walk, extensive hiking, or even mountain biking to get your adrenaline pumping. The park also features a beach and horse trailer parking, making it easy for those interested in fishing or hitting the trail for horseback riding. Restrooms and plenty of picnic areas are on site, so don’t forget to pack a lunch!

Snohomish County Centennial Trail
The Nakashima Heritage Barn, built in 1908, stands at the northernmost point of the Centennial Trail. Photo credit: Colleen Rodgers

Explore the Centennial Trail

32328 WA-9, Nakashima Barn, Arlington

Thirty miles of the Centennial Trail runs from Snohomish to Arlington, starting at First Street just east of downtown and running north toward Skagit County. The trail has become enormously popular for its walking, jogging, biking, and horseback riding, thanks in large part to the ease of the course. It has been paved for all levels of accessibility with a soft surface equestrian path alongside for horseback riders. Plenty of restrooms, picnic tables, and benches also line the trail, making it easy to spend the whole day walking about and enjoying the outdoors and sunshine!

Snohomish outdoor adventures
At Snohomish Balloon Rides, you can see our Snohomish community like you never have before as you ascend high into the clouds and catch panoramic views of the region. Photo courtesy: Snohomish Balloon Rides

Reach for the Sky in a Hot Air Balloon Ride

If you’re looking for a unique and exhilarating outdoor experience that’ll take you high above the clouds to check out beautiful views of the breathtaking Snohomish-area mountains and Washington landscape, consider taking a hot air balloon ride!

Hot air balloon rides can be taken with trusted professionals at local spots like Balloon Depot and Snohomish Balloon Rides. During each ride, you’ll ascend into the sky and encounter panoramic views of the lush greenery and scenic Snohomish countryside with a full view of the Cascade and Olympic Mountains. Keep your eyes peeled for the Snohomish River too! This one-of-a-kind experience will leave a lasting impression and go down in the family photo album as one epic outdoor adventure!

Snohomish outdoor adventures
Local courses like Echo Falls Golf Club offer challenging holes for avid golfers looking to test their skills. Photo courtesy: Echo Falls Golf Club

Tee-Off At One of Snohomish’s Many Golf Courses

If you’re looking for a fun outdoor activity that offers a beautiful setting, social opportunities and tests you physically and mentally with its many challenges, look no further than the Snohomish golfing community!

Several golf courses throughout the region offer picturesque landscapes of Snohomish as its rolling hills, verdant forests, and stunning mountain views make for a beautiful backdrop for an enjoyable round. Some of the region’s most popular golf courses include the Snohomish Golf Course, the Echo Falls Golf Club, and the Harbour Pointe Golf Club. These courses offer various challenges and amenities, including well-manicured greens, driving ranges, pro shops, and restaurants, guaranteeing you’ll have everything you need for an epic outdoor golfing adventure!

Snohomish outdoor adventures
At Flower World, you can enjoy a lovely stroll among their flowers, plants and shrubs. Stop for a while by the pond to enjoy the ducks and geese interacting. Photo courtesy: Flower World

Take a Stroll at Flower World

9322 196th Street SE, Snohomish

If you’ve got a green thumb and love to stop and smell the roses, you won’t want to miss out on the outdoor fun and adventure at Flower World! This large garden center on a picturesque 15 acres in the small town of Maltby is a unique, one-of-a-kind nursery that has grown over time into the beautiful Flower World so loved today.

Within the nursery is a five-acre park-like setting where guests can wander through the gardens and pathways, exploring the beauty and wonders of nature and viewing the waterwheel and ponds, along with the ducks and geese that roam freely. Their tropical plant greenhouses also feature a vibrant array of turtles and fish for visitors to enjoy. Leisurely strolls here are perfect for any day of the week, rain or shine, as you can still stay dry and enjoy the nursery thanks to over three acres of undercover greenhouses. There’s always something new to discover, too, as the center is constantly changing and updating its inventory, so be sure to stop in throughout the year whenever you’re feeling outdoorsy!

Snohomish outdoor adventures
Whether kayaking, canoeing, boating or fishing, the Snohomish River is full of outdoor water fun and adventure with breathtaking views. Photo courtesy: Snohomish County Parks & Recreation

Ride the Waves of the Snohomish Waters

The Snohomish community is home to several scenic waterways, including rivers, lakes, and Puget Sound. As a result, the mighty Snohomish River is the perfect place to enjoy and explore the great outdoors via the water!

For instance, kayaking in Snohomish is easy for beginners and experts alike, as it has a variety of waterways to choose from. Head to the Snohomish River and enjoy its tranquil waters for a scenic paddling experience, or if you’re feeling up to a challenge, try nearby Lake Stevens for more active kayaking. Don’t forget to watch for those sea creatures, as Snohomish’s waters are abundant in sea life to observe for enjoyment, such as seals, otters, and seabirds!   

Besides kayaking, Snohomish waters are also perfect for canoeing, boating, stand-up paddle boarding, fishing, and swimming. Just hop on in. The water’s fine!

Snohomish outdoor adventures
Besides ziplining experiences, High Trek Adventures Ropes Course & Ziplines also offers fun with a gigantic rope course and mini golf area that you can see here to the right as the person glides down to the bottom. Photo courtesy: High Trek Adventures Ropes Course & Ziplines

Ride the Line in a Thrilling Ziplining Experience

Enjoy a thrilling outdoor experience like no other while gaining a unique perspective of the Snohomish wilderness on a zipline adventure. Snohomish’s lush greenery and stunning mountain vistas surrounding scenic waterways make for a fantastic ziplining experience as you appreciate the views high up while rushing through the canopy. Ziplining is an adrenaline-pumping activity that excites you as the wind whistles past, and it feels like you are flying through mid-air. What a rush, indeed!

Several places in Snohomish offer ziplining experiences by trained professionals, so you’ll always be in good hands. Places like High Trek Adventures and Canopy Tours Northwest have high-flying ziplining adventures perfect for the whole family. Others in the area offer more extreme and intense ziplining fun, great for experts looking to up their thrill level, such as ZiplineX’s high-speed ziplining experience that reaches heights of up to 120 feet.

Are there any fun outdoor adventure experiences you enjoy in or around Snohomish we missed? Send us your answers at, and they just might be included in our next outdoor adventure article!

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