Whether it be mind, body, or soul, staying fit is great for one’s overall health and well-being. There is no better time than the present to focus on your health. Step out and get active in 2023 with Snohomish County’s fitness centers and classes. From hot yoga to kickboxing and everything in between, plenty of fabulous fitness centers and classes are sure to get you on your toes and in tip-top shape.

Snohomish County's Fitness Centers and Classes
Be inspired at Snohomish Fitness Center, providing an active opportunity to be your best physical self. Photo courtesy: Snohomish Fitness Center

Snohomish Fitness Center

112 Avenue D, Suite B, Snohomish

Get your body moving and feeling good at Snohomish Fitness Center. Discover a variety of exciting, rotating class schedules with everything from kickboxing to Zumba Gold. You’ll also find great classes for power step, circuits, barre, boxing, power yoga and much more. Check out the complete list of class offerings with the daily schedule.

Snohomish Fitness Center also offers a welcoming facility with an extensive selection of gym equipment available during business hours. New members can try out a free week at the facility. Personal training is also available with several packages to choose from, depending on your needs. Find more information, including rates for classes, memberships, and personal training packages for a fit you in 2023. Take part in fulfilling workouts within a wonderful atmosphere and a range of fitness classes for all levels at Snohomish Fitness Center.

Wild Style Gym

Snohomish County's Fitness Centers and Classes
Take your fitness game to the next level with a variety of challenging classes at Wild Style Gym in Snohomish. Photo courtesy: Wild Style Gym

1207 13th Street, Suite E & I, Snohomish

Embark on your next fitness adventure at Wild Style Gym in Snohomish. Take your fitness game to the next level as you experience innovative training programs for all ages. From mixed martial arts to grappling and kickboxing, uncover a vigorous selection of classes ready to challenge and empower you. Check out the schedule and complete list of program offerings as you discover a new world of fitness in Snohomish. Get your sweat on and try out a free session.

Bring the family and come ready to crush your fitness goals as you take on an exciting fitness journey. Uncover youth martial arts classes with groups ranging in age from 4 – 12 years. Build and increase self-confidence, respect and discipline with thoughtfully constructed age-appropriate programs. Stay in the know about upcoming events and take part in a welcoming, inclusive fitness environment. Wild Style Gym in Snohomish is ready to exceed your fitness expectations with exciting and supportive programs.

Spark Hot Yoga

Snohomish County's Fitness Centers and Classes
Carry out your own spark at Spark Hot Yoga, offering a great selection of yoga classes with various intensity levels. Photo courtesy: Spark Hot Yoga

6608 64th Street Northeast, Marysville

2603 Bickford Avenue, Suite G, Snohomish

Find your inner spark at Spark Hot Yoga, with two convenient locations in Marysville and Snohomish. Unwind with guided yoga, classes, and events in an embracive, judgment-free zone. All levels of expertise are welcome, from beginner to expert. Take a look at the classes offered by location and find the right yoga practice for you.

Choose invigorating courses, including Sculpting, Hatha, Power, Slow Flow, and more. Focus on your posture and breathing as you build strength within yourself with these incredible classes. Intensity levels vary, from complete body workouts to slow, meditative flow yoga. Find your balance and open up a world of delightful yoga classes at this studio. Find a variety of packages to fit your budget and yoga needs with these rates. Turn up the heat with your next yoga experience at Spark Hot Yoga in Marysville and Snohomish.

Stillaguamish Athletic Club

Snohomish County's Fitness Centers and Classes
Take your fitness game to the water as you indulge in fabulous aqua training classes at Stillaguamish Athletic Club in Arlington. Photo courtesy: Stillaguamish Athletic Club

4417 172nd Street Northeast, Arlington

Head over to the family-owned Stillaguamish Athletic Club in Arlington, bringing the community together through fitness. Allow your health and wellness to thrive in a safe, welcoming community of members. Browse the class schedule and calendar for an overview of available classes. Choose from refreshing water fitness to Zumba toning. You’ll even find boot camps on the calendar ready to kick your fitness into high gear. You will discover a complete selection of high and low-impact workouts perfect for all fitness levels.

Those ages 12 and over are welcome to participate in the fitness classes. Check out the class descriptions and learn more about membership options. Be sure to plan your next workout at the Stillaguamish Athletic Club in Arlington, offering a wide range of exciting fitness classes in and out of the water.

Take control of your health and check out some of these excellent fitness classes offered around Snohomish County. Whether looking for something light and relaxing or an intensive workout sure to break out a heavy sweat, look no further than these local gyms and studios turning up the heat. Discover a variety of classes, from mixed martial arts to water fitness. There is a little bit of everything right in Snohomish County for all ages and experience levels when you step out and get active with Snohomish County’s fitness classes.

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