If you’re looking for a place to rehabilitate or condition your horse, hold a show or clinic, stopover on a trip, or have someone to care for your horse while you are away, look no further than T90 Ranch, a premier equestrian facility in SW Washington that is open to all horse disciplines with a full range of services you won’t find anywhere else local.

Quick History of T90 Ranch in Tenino

The legacy of T90 Ranch began in 1950. Since then, various families and even a timber company, have owned the property, using it for a variety of uses. The most notable, perhaps, was the thoroughbred racehorses and cutting horses that grazed on the fields in the late 1940s all the way until the 1990s, when the farm was sold to the timber company. Later, in the early 21st century, it would become the alpaca farm that so many of us passed by on our way to and from Tenino for the next several decades.

T90 Ranch
The T90 Ranch can hold any type of equestrian event, from barrel racing to dressage. Photo credit: Dee Cusuick Photography

The new owner – who wishes to remain unnamed – purchased the almost 60 acres in 2020. He is a great-grandson of Marvin Guptill, who was a renowned cutting horse trainer in the 1980s and worked with horses owned by Sam and Jay Agnew, T90 Ranch proprietors during that time. It is this connection that prompted him to purchase the property, to bring it back to its original glory as a premier equestrian facility.

Just two years later he has done just that.

SW Washington Equestrian Facility Hosts Shows, Clinics and Other Events

It took just over a year to bring the facility back from an alpaca farm to an equestrian facility. “I don’t know the total number of buildings we had to take down, but the roofs were collapsed,” shares Stephanie VonMoos, manager of T90 Ranch. “The electrical was out of code. It was going to cost too much money to get it up to code, so it made more sense, especially for the horse industry, to tear down and start over.”

And they did not skip on the amenities when they rebuilt. The facilities include a 100-foot by 220-foot indoor arena, a 150 by 250 outdoor arena, a 120 by 180 outdoor warm-up arena and a 60-foot round pen. In addition, T90 Ranch has 190 covered stalls, five bay, matted wash racks and additional 80 uncovered stalls that can be made available upon request, as well as 120 RV hookups with water and electricity and a dry camping area. They are set up to handle even the largest horse shows and events.

With large arenas, any discipline from cutting to jumping is welcome. Currently, they have been hosting roping events, but they are open to all kinds of disciplines. “We would love to have English events – like dressage or jumping – out here too,” says Stephanie. For many in SW Washington, this new facility brings horse shows a lot closer to home, which helps with the overall expenses of showing.

Aside from horse shows, T90 Ranch is open for other public and private events, from clinics to concerts – like the upcoming Adam Craig’s Ugly Sweater Dinner Party in December – to weddings. “Anything anyone would need to reserve a fairgrounds or a park for, we can do that here,” shares Stephanie.

Equine Rehabilitation and Conditioning in SW Washington

The other unique part of T90 Ranch is its equine rehabilitation and conditioning offerings. Whether your horse is coming off an injury and needs to carefully get back into riding shape or just needs to be conditioned for the next show season, they can help. “We want this place to be a place where people can come get quality care and treatments for their horses,” shares Stephanie.

T90 Ranch
T90 Ranch is well equipped to provide equine rehabilitation and conditioning services in SW Washington. Pictured: a horse getting treatment in the Relax & Sun machine. Photo courtesy: T90 Ranch

The staff at T90 Ranch will follow your vet’s protocol to get your horse back into shape following a full range of injuries and medical issues, from suspensory damage to surgeries. “We have been getting a lot of horses recovering from kissing spine surgery lately,” Stephanie says.

The facility includes a water treadmill that allows for low-impact resistance for injuries, as well as being great conditioning for horses that need to get back in shape. “If a horse has anything they’ve been on stall rest for any length of time, rather than having to balance a rider and potentially compensate for them and build muscles asymmetrically, they can go on the treadmill where there’s no pounding on their joints and no weight on their back,” Stephanie explains.

In addition, they have a Relax & Sun machine. “It’s got a vibration plate, and the vibrational plate runs off a compressor so the floor can elevate different locations, putting pressure on different limbs,” she explains, “and then the red light helps keep their topline – especially like a horse with kissing spine surgery –  muscles soft and help keep them comfortable. Then the vibrational plate increases circulation, which speeds up healing. And so does the UVB light.”

T90 Ranch also hosts things like chiropractor days where you can come out and get your horse worked on by top vets in our area, including Dr. Salewsky from McMinnville, Oregon.

Horse Motel in SW Washington

And in case you thought this was enough to make T90 Ranch your new favorite hangout for you and your horse, they also operate as a horse motel and short-term boarding facility. Traveling north or south and need a place to stop over? You and your horse are welcome for the night in nice stalls with runs and RV and dry camping available.

Even more unique, is their short-term board. Going on vacation and can’t find someone to care for your horses? Bring them to T90 Ranch! They can have a vacation, or you can add on a conditioning routine to keep them in shape while you’re relaxing in the sun.

To host your horse show, clinic or next event at T90 Ranch, call 360.819.7004 or email office@t90ranch. A 2023 schedule is coming out soon, so watch the T90 Ranch website and follow them on Facebook.

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