In 1760 the first-ever toy store opened its doors, setting into motion the world of toys that we know today. William Hamley opened this new, niche business under the name “Noah’s Ark.” Over 100 years later, it would be renamed Hamleys and open at a new location on Regent Street in London in 1881, where it has resided ever since.

Snohomish toy stores
Soft and cuddly plushies await at BobaKhan Toys and Collectibles. Photo courtesy: BobaKhan Toys and Collectibles

Many have followed from this one store, and now the global toy market is projected to grow from 141-billion-dollar in 2021 to a 230-billion-dollar industry by 2028. Brands like LEGO, Barbie, and Hot Wheels have made their way onto the scenes, delighting the minds and imagination of children everywhere, while classics like Etch-A-Sketch, Barrel of Monkeys, and yo-yos still prevail when it comes to childish satisfaction. Still, with so many toys to choose from nowadays, the vast selection can be quite overwhelming. Luckily for members of the Snohomish community, plenty of local toy stores are waiting to help you and your inner child find the perfect toy, no matter the occasion!

BobaKhan Toys and Collectibles

500 SE Everett Mall Way Ste A1, Everett

Star Trek fans and Star Wars lovers will definitely enjoy a visit to BobaKhan Toys and Collectibles, as the name was inspired by the two genres. The owners have been serious toy collectors for over 25 years, having turned their hobby and passion into an eclectic business they hope members of the Snohomish County community both appreciate and enjoy. Whatever perfect toy you’re on the hunt for, they’re sure you’ll find it here.

Plus, if you can’t make it into the physical shop, they also have an eBay store for customers to browse and buy. Stop in to BobaKhan Toys and Collectibles and check out their wide selection of Disney, Funko, Marvel, and more!

Snohomish toy stores
If you love Funko, you’ll love Toy Roundup. Photo courtesy: Toy Roundup

Toy Roundup

4433 Russell Road Suite 111, Mukilteo

Operating by collectors, for collectors is Toy Roundup in Mukilteo. Like their customers, the owners love collectibles and have been in the same shoes to get those fantastic toys, having spent many a night camped out at storefronts for new releases to take home and to proudly display. They understand the importance of grabbing these mint condition items and thus work hard with distributors, manufacturers, and wholesalers to bring new products in the best condition possible to their store for avid collectors.

Even the ones they ship from their online purchases are perfectly sealed and carefully packed to ensure that your newest prized possession arrives in the same condition it left Toy Roundup in.

Teri’s Toybox

Snohomish toy stores
Teri’s Toybox has all kinds of interactive games for the kiddos to play with while learning too. Photo courtesy: Teri’s Toybox

420 Main Street, Edmonds

Since 1981 Terri’s Toybox has been your friendly neighborhood toy store for Edmonds. It’s safe to say they’re the toy experts in town with 33 years of experience, which definitely shows. In the store’s magical world of discovery, fun, and learning, it can almost be overwhelming to pick out the perfect toy but don’t worry, they’re happy to assist you in finding the right toy for any person or occasion.

Whether you’re shopping for a newborn, adult, or someone in between, Teri’s Toybox has something for everyone and promises to make your toy shopping effortless!

Games Plus

1805 Main Street Suite A, Lake Stevens

Snohomish toy stores
It’s all fun and games behind the doors of Games Plus in Lake Stevens. Photo courtesy: Games Plus

Whether you’re an elf, troll, dwarf, or human, all are welcome at Games Plus in Lake Stevens. From DND to Catan, Yu-gi-oh to Disc Golf, you won’t find a better selection of new and classic games anywhere else. Originally this downtown game store was going to shut its doors for good a few years back. The now owners couldn’t bear the thought of the community without this precious gem of a business and decided to purchase the name and store outright.

After a remodel, they reopened with new energy and enthusiasm to serve game lovers and children of all ages. Games Plus even utilized its space to provide an expanded gaming area for people to play and try out new games as well as old favorites.


1806 Hewitt Avenue, Everett

Snohomish toy stores
All these fun toys could be yours! Just pay a visit to MyMyToyStore in Everett. Photo courtesy: MyMyToyStore

Once upon a time, Tom Harrison was told by his wife that he needed to stop buying toys, and he didn’t listen. This led to the creation of MyMyToyStore in Everett, which now provides all the good boys and girls in town with every fun toy they can imagine. Originally the store started as an eBay-only store. From those humble beginnings, he was able to transform into a dedicated toy and collectibles company found on Everett’s Hewitt Avenue.

MyMyToyStore is now a place where playthings spark genuine love, fun, and wonder for all who enter with some of the coolest collectibles on the market. From hot action figures to designer vinyl, Marvel to Star Wars, Funko to Transformers, they have it all and can’t wait for you to come visit and play.

Though the toy industry has grown substantially, it doesn’t have to be overwhelming when finding that perfect toy, especially when you shop local with the help of these fantastic toy stores in the Snohomish County community!

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