Snohomish County has plentiful wildlife to enjoy on any given day. From deer to raccoons, the Pacific Northwest has plenty to offer any nature enthusiast. However, if you are looking for a walk on the wild side, check out Monroe’s Reptile Zoo for a visit with some of the world’s most unique creatures. See a stunning two-headed turtle, an albino alligator, and even the world’s deadliest snake, the black mamba. Bring the family for an unforgettable experience you won’t want to miss.

Reptile Zoo Monroe
Get greeted right at the door and bring your camera for fun photo opportunities. Photo credit: Courtney Becker

Head out for a family adventure and explore the wildlife only found at Monroe’s Reptile Zoo. Tired of seeing the same animals at the local zoo and aquarium? This is a next-level experience with exotic species from around the world. Featuring the most extensive collection of reptiles to view in the Pacific Northwest, you’ll find the world’s most venomous snakes and unbelievable reptiles. Come with all your questions because the friendly zookeepers love to provide information. Most importantly, come to have fun and enjoy a quality experience that won’t soon be forgotten.

Close Encounters

Are you feeling extra adventurous? Embark on a close encounter with some of these exotic creatures, with the ability to hold or touch several of Reptile Zoo’s most exciting animals. During close encounters, there will always be at least one snake and one or two other animals participating. Learn more about these amazing reptiles while getting up close and personal. Experience a close encounter for an additional $3 per person or just $10 for groups of four. Let the front desk know at check-in that you would like to join one of the reserved times during your visit. To minimize the spread of germs, please remember to use hand sanitizer.

Special Event Feedings

Outside of regular hours, check out the calendar of special events for a schedule of live feedings of snakes, lizards, and alligators. Watch both venomous and non-venomous snakes enjoy a meal as well as some of the other exotics at the Reptile Zoo. Bring your dire questions along as these events are both educational and for entertainment purposes. This is an encounter you won’t want to miss. Be sure to book a reservation because spots are limited. To book a live feeding event, give the Reptile Zoo a call. Event pricing is $25 per person but catch a last-minute event with spots open for as low as $19 per person. Call ahead to ensure availability and pricing.

Reptile Zoo Monroe
Check out the famous two-headed turtle at Monroe’s Reptile Zoo. Photo credit: Courtney Becker


Are you looking for a unique birthday party experience? Look no further because the Reptile Zoo offers fabulous party options for many budgets. Have your birthday party at the zoo or have the zoo come out to you. Have the zoo all to your guests to enjoy a one-of-a-kind, wild experience. With multiple party options to choose from, treat your guests to something special. Each package comes with an educational briefing of reptiles from around the globe. After the show, enjoy an opportunity to handle or touch multiple species. Check out Reptile Zoo’s full party options for more details and pricing.

You can also schedule a show with Monroe’s own Reptile Man, Scott Peterson. Zoologist, educator, and author Scott Peterson puts on an unforgettable experience showcasing the importance of all animals in nature. Featured on Disney’s “Bill Nye the Science Guy” and PBS’s “Biz Kids,” the Reptile Man knows how to put on an inspiring show. Give him a call or visit his website for more information and availability.


Care to enhance your knowledge before visiting the zoo? Visit Reptile Zoo’s online education tab for fast and fun facts about the unique species you’ll see during your visit. There is nothing more exciting than learning all about these exotic animals and bringing that knowledge to life. Promotion of education while having an exciting time is what the Reptile Zoo is all about.

Reptile Zoo Monroe
Get wild at the Reptile Zoo in Monroe. Photo credit: Courtney Becker

The Pacific Northwest is full of nature and wildlife to explore. Venture into one of Snohomish County’s best-kept secrets. The Reptile Zoo is an experience like no other. Leave the traditional zoo behind and visit some of the unique reptiles from across the globe. Be prepared to have not only an incredible experience but also a newfound appreciation and understanding of some of the world’s most interesting exotic creatures. You’ll see animals you never knew existed, from the two-headed turtle to the albino alligator. Whether you are looking for a fun family outing or an enticing birthday adventure, the Reptile Zoo in Monroe is ready to bring the wild side to life.

The Reptile Zoo is open Monday – Tuesday from 10 a.m. – 5 p.m., Thursday – Saturday from 10 a.m. – 5 p.m., and on Sunday from 12-5 p.m. On Wednesdays, they are closed. Admissions rates are for adults 18 and over are $8.95, youth 5-17 is $6.95, toddler 3-4 is $5.95 and infants under 2 are free.

The Reptile Zoo
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