If you need to relax, head to the Nishiyama Japanese Garden in Everett. Located at Everett Community College, the Nishiyama Japanese Garden is a work of love with elements from Everett’s Sister City, Iwakuni, Japan. The garden is supposed to represent a compressed world, with 11 primary elements – entry gate, entry area, waterfall, stream, tea garden, rock garden, Tsubo garden, side gate, stone bridge, earthen bridge, Iwakuni wooden bridge, and a stucco masonry wall with tiled roof enclosing the entire garden site. The space is peaceful.

The Iwakuni wooden bridge is noteworthy, being made of wood from a famous landmark, Kintai Bridge, in Iwakuni, Japan. During a restoration of the Kintai Bridge, the City of Iwakuni took lumber from the project and created this smaller bridge as a gift to the City of Everett. Four Iwakuni carpenters came with it to assemble it at the garden.

The garden is open anytime the college is, as well as for special events. You can also schedule group tours and a Japanese tea ceremony by calling the Nippon Business Institute (NBI) Japanese Culture Center at 425-388-9195 or email nbi@everettcc.edu. For more information, visit the Everett Community College website.

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