The Future of Flight Aviation Center & Boeing Tour is always a fun and fascinating place to visit.

As the only public tour of a commercial jet assembly plant, it’s a unique experience you won’t soon forget. If you have children in your party, know that they must be at least four-feet tall to go on the Boeing Tour.

The factory is a working facility that operates Monday through Friday, so on the weekends there is less activity to watch. Tour operators will explain along the way which planes are produced at the facility and which are in production on the floors below you. You will literally see what a plane assembly line looks like (but it moves quite slow and mostly looks like the planes are parked as plane assembly is nothing to rush).

Before or after your tour, The Future of Flight Aviation Center is an interesting place to learn about the advances in aviation and aerospace with interactive demonstrations and hands-on exhibits. Try a simulated space elevator, test a supersonic jet or check out the flying simulations. To purchase tickets or for more information, visit the Future of Flight Aviation Center & Boeing Tour website.

8415 Paine Field Boulevard, Mukilteo


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